Sisters, whether or not, wives and mothers too, are but one of the blessings our Creator
bestows upon men … to make of lives … wonderful … adventures.

In one brother’s view, one sister, one mother’s daughter, Iris Yolanda, has been to him,
much more than just kin … she’s been a life-saver … inspiring.

Sisters, wives and mothers often reflect love much better than their counterpart humans,
we so-called wise men … refractors … of the masculine persuasion.

This date, July 12th, is a date special to the him that is kin to an extraordinary woman;
she … who brings out the best … in all of her beloved … men.

Extraordinary is the she that’s been a rock to a husband, a lone son and a lone brother, she
of the ready smile, kind words and … oh so logical … soliloquies.

Really, it’s of little wonder that Michael Louis, Louis Frank and I praise you rightly so highly;
for what … should have become of us … without you … nightly?


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