UN Climate Report: Stark Warnings, and Improbable Hope that Lies, Alas … in Not Relying on OIL, COAL, and GAS!

UN Climate Report: Stark warnings, and the improbable hope that lies … alas,
in not relying on OIL, COAL & GAS! http://a.msn.com/01/en-us/BBcwHoT

The United Nations is an ironic contradiction in terms; for never has there been
a body more disunited … than these disunited … nations.

Its fundamentally flawed charter makes it analogous to a paraplegic body
with the schizophrenic mind … of its multiple … personalities.

Everyone knows that the speed of light is a measureable … universal … constant.
Less quantifiable is another constant; perpetual change, from moment to moment.


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