These Hopeful Times

This time we live in is the so-called end time, some say. That notwithstanding,
it’s not the end yet; so long as there’s hope, there’s time; both are a-wasting.
Hope springs eternal … Pope wrote in his “An Essay on Man”; but following
the ellipses … is to be found … a greater … meaning.

For following the ellipses, Pope went on to write, “Man never is, but always to be
blessed ….” Call it what you will then, whether it be
wishful thinking, or a positive attitude, it is what it is and will ever be
and that is … hope ever springing … if not eternal … but temporally.

One thought on “These Hopeful Times

  1. christina debi author

    Thank you for your follow. You have an interesting website. And your writing is thoughtful, deep, poetic.


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