Hindsight’s 20-20

A #twitterfiction-al rendition of AN ATLAS POETIC; on His story, history, anarchy,

wannabes, alchemy & synergy, in epic poetry; CHAPTER THREE:

Abkhazia: This 1st entry of AN ATLAS, POETIC is a wannabe; neither colony …

nor state it’s an international wannabe, #twitterfiction-ally.

In #twitterfiction: For the Georgian and other language speakers of Sukhumi …

and beyond: Bagrat Shinkuba, speaks: Freedom is ne’er, free.

Bagrat Shinkuba speaks: No, freedom is ne’er free. On that most aught, in

#twitterfiction, agree, as does too (dead poets are betting) @CNN.

Afghanistan’s Rumi, nods, affirmatively. Hindsight indeed is, 20-20, in

#twitterfiction and the proof is in … a surreal pudding.

Behavior modification matters matter, in #twitterfiction. Hindsight is 20-20. In

#twitterfiction, wisdom, underlies … the poets’, visions.

Afghanistan’s Rumi nods again. Just as Monday QBs, in #twitterfiction, show

hindsight’s 20-20, dead poets and the media @FoxNews too, knows.

Hindsight is 20-20. That is why what dead poets have to say to the living, on

behavior modification matters … matters, in #twitterfiction.


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