On An Extraordinary Vision

A #twitterfiction-al rendition of AN ATLAS POETIC; His story, history, truth & reconciliation,

anarchy, wannabes, alchemy and synergy in epic poetry. CHAPTER SEVEN

Like beauty vision is in the eye of the beholder. So what if in #twitterfiction,

something like Lasix @CNN sight restored to blinded humans?

And what might incredibly be if something like Lasix @CNN bestow, to (wo)men

the amplified vision … of visionaries … in #twitterfiction.

Bangladesh’s Kazi Nazrul Islam: Ironic; that homo sapiens, (s)he of color vision

sees not forests but rather trees @CNN, in #twitterfiction.

China’s Du Fu, Li Bai and Lu Xun: Ironic; humans abnegate not, in #twitterfiction,

nationalities. The paradigm matrices, imprison. cc: @CNN.

India’s Subramania Bharati: Paradigm matrices imprison (cc: @CNN); and, in

#twitterfiction a ‘lemming syndrome’, drives men to, destruction.

So what if in #twitterfiction, something Lasix-like (@CNN) sharpened our vision?

Visionary poets, now dead, think Willy’s is a key question.

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