On the Gigantic Role of the Megalithic Media

A #twitterfiction-al rendition of AN ATLAS POETIC; on His story, history, anarchy, wannabes, alchemy & synergy, in epic poetry. CHAPTER FIVE:

Morocco’s Mohammed Awzal: They dreamt together, as one. And, in surreal #twitterfiction, plotted. How to, @FoxNews make Utopian fiction, nonfiction?

Nigeria’s Chinua Achebe: How to make of Utopian fiction, nonfiction? In #twitterfiction, a mission impossible, or is it? The poets’ visions:

Somalia’s Hadrawi: What if the megalithic media (the @csmonitor, for example) in #twitterfiction sparks in people, lust … for Truth and … Reconciliation.

South Africa’s Mazisi Kunene: The New Republic (@tnr) may be Earth itself … in science fiction … or, in #twitterfiction, … nonfiction … @CNN.

Sudan’s Gely Abdel Rahman: Earth may in @time come to be, in some surreal, #twitterfiction, the new republic (@tnr) in nonfiction, not, science fiction.

Tanzania’s Shaaban bin Robert: And so Allah @google-d the Zoo Crew in surreal #twitterfiction; helping Art save the planet from itself by tweets of fiction.

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