From Alien to Earthling: An Open Letter

Earthlings: In need of new political orders? Be Bohemian global citizens, in . From: the ever watchful … Watcher … Aliens.

Watchful Watcher Aliens have been up to a lot more tho, in ,
than just, watching. Witness, Earth’s megaliths, in nonfiction.

Witness, Earth’s megaliths and pictoglyphs. Watcher aliens have been, up to, in , to a lot more, however, than … just, watching.

Ponder Earth’s megaliths and pictoglyphs. Aliens have been,  up to a lot more, in , however … than just … merely watching.

Earth’s gullible (wo)men needn’t be gullible, perpetually, for, Watchers, may, in … yet delay … humanity’s … destruction.

The Watchers may yet delay humanity’s destruction but that is if, and only if, in , groundswell movements rewrite nonfiction.

: Dead poets plus six, author, AN ATLAS POETIC;  five angels and, in ,   an angel-trainee … -ed by God. cc:



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