On Laughter Therapy and Behavior Modification

Behavior mod techniques work dramatically in individuals. Might some, in ,

work also … with the nations? cc:  

What if a laughter-fueled human wave, to and from spacemen … in ,

mended … a human fabric … in nonfiction? cc: ,

What if we all laughed at once? What would happen if we, in

juxtaposed … with Spacelab … missions? cc:  

A tantalizing clue surfaced in a documentary; Dr. Sanjay Gupta, in ,

a physician renowned, declared … cc:  

… He said: Bodies can’t tell fake laughter from laughter in , genuine

… both spur serotonin … production. cc:  

If, in , operant conditioning were to happen, the energy therefrom

might mine, the richest vein, ever. cc:  

Waves ‘tween humanity and spacelab crews may prove anew in ;

laughter remains, the very best, medicine. cc:  




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