Robert H. Christie @AlibabaPRGuy at Alibaba Group: What group, in #twitterfiction,

shall emerge, as the face, of social media, institutions?

Who, (@AlibabaPRGuy), shall emerge as the dominant player in #twitterfiction,

of social media (@twitter @google @facebook) … institutions?

If only one of the social media institutions (@AlibabaGroup @facebook @twitter

@google) dominates who, in #twitterfiction may then, prosper?

Less important than the answer to the previous question is the realization, in

#twitterfiction … that shakeouts … like shit … happen.

Yeah, shit happens; shakeouts too; the trick is in positioning in .

Shakers, not ‘shakees’, shake 21st century, institutions.

E-commerce is poised to boom, on the cusp of the information age, in .

But who may prosper … with war on every … horizon?

War is on every horizon and on every wind in this surreal -al nonfiction …

maybe … what booms … won’t be .. commercial.

Imagine, a global calamity that forces whatever remains of us, post-calamity, in

#twitterfiction, to actually cooperate. Both, could happen.


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