Is ISIS winning? NEITHER Isis (the Caliphate), Israel, (Jewish state), NOR, any state, in ends,


Is ISIS winning? Neither Caliphate, Jewlsh state, nor indeed, any state … in these end-

games, wins.

Is ISIS winning? As Washington worries, the Islamic State is gaining, and Iran,

that’s fighting back.

Is ISIS winning? Conflict on Earth is but domestic violence however, in nonfiction,

it’s militarized.

Is ISIS winning? But domestic violence has remedies; amongst them in nonfiction

is … acculturation.

Is ISIS winning? But acculturation takes time (generations) and, in nonfiction, time, is, limitation.

Is ISIS winning? Wrong question; the larger question, in nonfiction, is: Is …

humanity, winning? -is

Is humanity, winning? Yes and no. We’ve come a long way baby but in nonfiction,

we’ve too far, to go.



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