Is ISIS Winning? On Galvanizing, Humanity


Is ISIS winning? Neither Caliphate, Jewlsh state, nor indeed, any state … in these end-

games, wins.

Is ISIS winning? As Washington worries, the Islamic State is gaining, and Iran,

that’s fighting back.

Is ISIS winning? Conflict on Earth is but domestic violence however, in nonfiction,

it’s militarized.

Is ISIS winning? But domestic violence has remedies; amongst them in nonfiction

is … acculturation.

Is ISIS winning? But acculturation takes time (generations) and, in nonfiction, time, is, limitation.

Is ISIS winning? Wrong question; the larger question, in nonfiction, is: Is …

humanity, winning? -is

Is humanity, winning? Yes and no. We’ve come a long way baby but in nonfiction,

we’ve too far, to go.

A thin veneer of civilization masks, a savage beast, lurking, in ,

within the heart of every, (wo)man. cc: ,

History and prophesy mitigate against plurality rescuing and saving, in ,

a sovereign-based, humanity. cc: ,

AN ATLAS POETIC: On reality, surrealism, fictions, nonfictions & in

neuro-scientific, science-fiction. cc:  

Behavior mod works well in individuals and it may work more dramatically, in

for we fractious nations. cc:  

AN ATLAS, POETIC; nonfictional, fiction. Laughter therapy and behavior modification … in

ironic … . cc:        

Behavior mod techniques work dramatically in individuals. Might some, in ,

work also … with the nations? cc:  

What if a laughter-fueled human wave, to and from spacemen … in ,

mended … a human fabric … in nonfiction? cc: ,

What if we all laughed at once? What would happen if we, in

juxtaposed … with Spacelab … missions? cc:  

A tantalizing clue surfaced in a documentary; Dr. Sanjay Gupta, in ,

a physician renowned, declared … cc:  

… He said: Bodies can’t tell fake laughter from laughter in , genuine

… both spur serotonin … production. cc:  

If, in , operant conditioning were to happen, the energy therefrom

might mine, the richest vein, ever. cc:  

Waves ‘tween humanity and spacelab crews may prove anew in ;

laughter remains, the very best, medicine. cc:  

Behavior modification; worth trying because conflict on Earth is in ,

domestic violence, in nonfiction. cc:  

Alchemical potentials, metaphysical; and, transcendental transformations; in ,

easy. A, B, C … easy! cc: ,


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