You’re Crazy; I’m Not

Is ISIS winning? Wrong question; the larger question, in nonfiction, is: Is …

humanity, winning? -is

The end-product of 40 years in a delusional wasteland; that, in ,

everybody but Arthur Everman, was crazy; everyone, but him.

Everyone’s crazy; everyone, but him. The proof, in , is in

the pudding. For them, the nations rule; a senseless rule, for him.

God and the nations rule over men. But mark Art’s words; in ,

neither Caliphate, Jewlsh state nor any state may ever, ‘win’.

Conflict on Earth is domestic violence, however, in nonfictional ,

it’s militarized. But, it has remedies, in … nonfiction.

Yea domestic violence has remedies; in , amongst them; imagination,

separation, reconciliation, toleration and acculturation.

But acculturation takes time (generations) and, in nonfictional ,

time is, limitation. A better query; is humanity, winning?


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