Miguel Vera’s epic poetic work, AN ATLAS … ALGORITHMIC, is an urgent call to action. Examining the human condition metaphysically … holistically, it offers, a simplification, healing, within its pages. Within those pages, a human spirit, spirited nightly to destinations dreamy, (‘soirees’, he calls them); soirees, of unearthly … transcendental … conversation.

Commune there, deceased giants of history, poets, philosophers, clerics and scientists … united. Commune there too, deceased giants of history, the famous and infamous, in space-time’s fabric, in juxtaposition, united (unlike nations, and the so-called, United Nations); in hindsight, united, on a mission, only seemingly impossible; the writing, of an … AN ATLAS … ALGORITHMIC.

Arthur Everman’s wing-earning mission:  To listen, in surreal dreams, to history’s … luminaries. A simplification, healing, has been, and is, still, the step-by-step procedure that is, by definition, algorithm.  For it is in the synergistic potential of alchemy and our irrepressible children’s energy from whence we may by behavior mod, modify behaviors of artifices that are … the nations.

For beyond evolution, a postulated ‘devolution’ threatens acculturation, secularism, Golden Rules, freedom of religion and capitalism, too.  Sub-titled “The Wine and Cheese Miracles, Alchemic,” this book is described by the author as “a love letter honoring Emily, to everyone on Earth; in honor too, to Ovid, author of The Metamorphoses and The Art of Love, so mystical.”

Now the author of this extraordinarily insightful work has launched a vital and timely Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its publication.  According to Vera and the good folks at Kickstarter, the book “dovetails cosmic, geological and socio-anthropological political history with somber socio-political current events to offer a seemingly clueless humanity a solution … no-brainer.”

“In verse it addresses a global audience as broad as can be.  Each of a planet’s nations poetically represented by as applicable, its national poet.  In using each audience nation’s national poet, Vera aspires to Emily’s hope: to write … to the world.  The message is timely and compellingly thought-provoking; a dialogue kickstarter; for Earth’s Art Everman, speaks for everyman, on it.”

Pledge levels range from $10 to $1,000. Rewards include certificates from illustrious fictional schools of Philosophy.  Hundreds, perhaps, may be honored by being edited into the morality play that is AN ATLAS … ALGORITHMIC, itself, in a sense, a Wine and Cheese, Miracle. Information on pledge levels and their associated rewards, visit his Kickstarter at only:

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