An Open Letter to @HillaryClinton, in 7 Epigrammatic, Tweets


: What more Kafkaesque (illogical, complex, or bizarre) than human

conditions? Thanks, POTUS wannabe, for president, running.

By the Grace of God having been born to one and brother to another, in addition,

Art senses Hillary’s … Amazon-stong. cc:

Successful campaign communications; inversely proportional to length; making

‘s 140 characters, an ideal, medium. cc @HillaryClinton

: Hindsight’s 20-20. What dead poets have to say to the living in living,

nonfiction; vital for the behavior mod, of nations.

: Being a poet on Twitter is easy. Just tweet a first line, having it ending

before a 73rd character … with the word … ending.

AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC for the habitual war-like nations; peace, and in

poetry, prosperity for the ‘renewed’ … nations. cc

A new chapter in the American saga of ever new innovation; to that fine end,

consider tweets, become book, as resume. cc:

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