POTUS; an office, too different (too fast) in 2016, than it is, in this slow motion

version, 2015.   

POTUS; the winning candidate’s legacy may hinge more on their humanity than

cutting, technologies.   

POTUS; nations (in an interim), have served as transition to efficient, utilization,

of resources.   

POTUS; space-time’s short; evolution’s devolution threatens; careful lest ye enter,

no-spin zones.   

POTUS; all kidding aside, (wo)man-kind MUST, in orderly fashion, transition from

nations to home.   

POTUS; Have you heard the one about the jew, the Christian and the Muslim …

in Jerusalem?   

POTUS; The three, prayed: “As long as there is peace, there can be, by definition,

no Armageddon.”   



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