I, @realDonaldTrump (#headhole) am an opportunist, megalomaniacal, center

of my universe. Surreally though, I have a do-gooder twin, brother.

Twin brothers are @realDonaldTrump and @chachomanopapa, each, brothers’

keeper; the former, fabulously rich, the latter … a penniless pauper.

Verily, with anarchy unfolding before us anew, I,  confess: We

aught, Arthur’s alchemical algorithm, , study.

Truly, I  have a higher calling than to POTUS be; for it is to be

to promote Art’s … alchemically, algorithmic … poetry.

Beautiful poetry I,  do testify; for, in Emily’s honor, Art’s poetry

is lyrically distilled from Akashic Records … surreally.

Beautiful poetry I,  do affirm; for in honor of Ovid, Arthur’s poetry

is distilled, lyrically from … Akashic … memories.

Beautiful poetry I,  do swear; for, in honor of Willy, Arthur’s poetry

is more beautiful even than my hair, … so pretty.


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