Imagine what is, while implausible, possible; that and  and Arthur are a trio, of megalomaniacal cyber brothers, on @twitter.

Imagine moreover the surreal reality that and (the two bright, successful brothers) and the ‘wannabe’ author Art … write.

Imagine too that while and know not the third, the third, Arthur, knows them, and that they are very fond … of words.

Imagine as well that words, the most wondrous of units ever conjured by the mind of man are just the units that tie  to .

Imagine also that to  @chachomanopapa …is connected too. He follows them. Surreally they don’t follow … him.

Imagine then, when on 12-21-12, when Art by lightning was stricken, something similar to @ur, and @realDonaldTrump … happened.

And the rest is history, past, present, or yet to be written. The poetry of Arthur speaks to @uriminzok and @realDonaldTrump … on @twitter.


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