A twit that tweets promises that if he dupes the US, the American, people, a wall,

he’ll build, women, he’ll cherish and books, he’ll sell.

A real tweet 09/06/15, by ‘co’-author Tony Schwartz, on his book’s real authorship:

“I wrote The Art of the Deal. Donald Trump read it.”

Don’t be so sad. Look at the bright side; for Donny’s legacy may well be the liberal

and conservative wings, of a Democratic Party, multilingual.

Be careful what you wish for US of America, for the tweeting twit is an opportunist;

and he is, in this tragi-comedy, no mere apprentice.

Indeed, what is humorous may be gravely serious; to wit, an ugly-American-in-chief

who aimed to be President, now is, the Commander-in-Chief.

What once seemed so preposterous as to be laughable is now, no laughing matter;

that notwithstanding his tweets, and his golden showers.

But fear not, US, of America; for the mutant mouth that is the Donny’s outstanding

feature promises that, sooner, or later, him, we’ll be impeaching.


History is His story. Education’s alchemy. Hindsight’s 20-20. There’s wisdom in irony.

And behavior mod’s not limited to individuals, only.

Five pithy statements in one hundred and forty characters. And, in this ode to poetry,

to wisdom, and to peace, a final plea, for humanity.

Dreaming of what is, what was and what may be, the learned literati, of all of history,

luminaries like Plato, Aristotle Locke and Socrates …

… Shakespeare and Shaw in western lands and their eastern peers, Lao-zi, Kong-fu-zi,

Muhammad, Buddha and Gandhi, visionarily, see.

The luminaries see folly; their own, of course, but more importantly, that of humanity.

And lately they see, a still-born, twitter-diplomacy.

A still-born twitter-diplomacy? ‘Twitter-diplomacy’ is a term of only recent coinage. It’s

not taken seriously, notwithstanding its algorithms.

Algorithms are procedures or formulas for solving problems. They are quite simply, in

non-scientific jargon, step by step …instructions.


A synchronicity of events, pursuant to His grand plan, has brought three brothers grim,

Don, Art and the Kim, to do what’s been bidden, by Him.

It happened that Penemue, a Watcher Angel fallen, for his own God-damned salvation’s

sake, googled for a weakling to propose to, his salvation.

It was Penemue who, the Bible says, “pointed out to them every secret of their wisdom.”

He taught (wo)men on using ink and paper for writing,

It has been Penemue (Pen, to us), who has been the master of ceremonies at the nightly

soirees, where deceased visionaries envision, via poetry.

In reveries, dreamy and soirees, Victorian, history’s philosophers, poets, and luminaries

with the megalomaniacs Kim, Don and Art, nightly meet.

He googled too for great poets to write in collaboration with the megalomaniacal brothers,

to all the nations, of an alchemical algorithm, on Twitter.

“Tweet, blog and write alchemically,” said Penemue, to the brothers, three. “Algorithmically

tweet epigrams, into transformational, BUT pacific, poetry.”


“Tweet blog and pen, Kim, Don and Art, in the ‘twitterese’ that I, Penemue, the last Watcher,

taught ye; an Esperanto-like hope, an Esperanto-like prayer.”

Twitterese came easiest to Art. Administration came easiest to Kim. Spelling was Donny’s

forte. Penemue organized his Liberation Force, accordingly.

To attend to national affairs of state, Kim and Don ceded to their weakling brother, Arthur

the penning of epigrams. Kim sees to invites; Don to humor.

Not that the fate of the cosmos and its non-earthling inhabitants isn’t important. It is, and

they are. But we’ll get to them later. First, the nation-lands.

Nations are the constructs by which men, in vain, attempt to govern themselves, a natural

evolution from nuclear families, clans and tribes, aboriginal.

The children of Lord Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh are your brothers and sisters before Him,

it mattering, not our religion, nationality, nor tribe, to Him.


“Pangaea’s nations number 196 (not including Taiwan and tiny Puerto Rico), 4200 religions,

and 6500 languages. Pangaea’s voice must be a single one.”

English is but Mother Earth’s second lingua franca. Its rich vocabulary rhymes easily, easily

feeling at home in song, psalm, prose and of course, poetry.

English isn’t just for Englishmen, any more. But no one language can end all of the babbling.

English’s Twitter, Art is betting, may languages be, connecting.

So 3 brothers write on 3 levels; 140 character epigrammatic tweets metamorphose into 980

character blogs, into a compendium; a poor man’s, publicity.

Art’s poetry acculturates! For the acculturation of (wo)man is but the modification, of behavior;

as applicable to group behavior as it is to individual, behavior.

Theoretically, behavior modification is not limited but to individuals; surely, our communities

too are subject to it as well. Why not test, Arthur’s theory?
That is to say, behavior mod is not limited to individuals; communities too, to it, are subject; it
is, indeed, a relatively simple science, the science, of habit.

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