@Netanyahu, @KingSalman, @POTUS and The Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology

Prime Minister @Netanyahu @KingSalman and the @POTUS: Use Art and poetry

and our children to tweet to the actors, of this tragi-comedy.

and the ; Ever more and more twitter-diplomacy may be

the province, not of the diplomats, but rather, the citizenry.

and the ; The Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology;

a fine platform from which to  forge, an alternative reality.

and the ; Ought nations begin to study how to eventually

be, not nearly 200 disparate sovereignties but, one unity?

and the ; Ought not the nations teach the global citizenry

that it is humanity that defines us, and not, sovereignties.

and the ; Ought not nations forge, an alternative reality?

A reality born of Scripture, wisdom, algorithm and poetry.

and ; Alchemy is well hidden in algorithmic trigonometry.

140 characters of exercise and fun born of a last soliloquy.

and the ; Ought not the nations foster, more presciently,

a Godly citizenry? Ought they not, twitter-diplomats, be?


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